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Food basket project

Based on the message that the charity carried towards the members of society in general by providing all means of support and care in all fields (social, solidarity, health, relief ...) and others, so the charity is keen to implement this project and implement it in the areas covered by the charity, which is a food basket. Of the basic supplies necessary for daily life, covering the needs of needy families, as a contribution to alleviating the human suffering of the poor, and the project includes providing food baskets. Each basket consists of flour, rice, sugar, vegetable oil, powdered milk, tea, pasta, and soup, etc. The value of one food basket is (300) riyals, subject to increase. Objectives of the food basket project: Caring for poor and needy families, widows and orphans. Meet the need for foodstuffs for families. Helping the head of the family to bear the expenses and burdens of living. Supporting poor families and standing with them and making them feel cohesion and social solidarity. Involving good people in the virtue of feeding food and providing them insight into the conditions of the needy. Communication between the rich and the poor. Ways to deliver the food basket to the beneficiary through the charity: Purchasing foodstuffs according to the charity's need for the number of baskets. The charity employee receives it from the warehouse. The Social Service Department undertakes the disbursement of the baskets according to the system they follow in the Holoul system and after the direction of the Board of Directors. Letters are sent to the beneficiaries included in the exchange to come to the headquarters of the charity to receive their exchange coupons. The food baskets are delivered to the beneficiaries at the charity's warehouse. The charity delivers food baskets to families who are unable to come to the charity through a committee from the social service department in cooperation with the social researcher in the neighbourhood.